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0.5W LED Wall Beam

0.5W LED Wall Beam

2W LED Wall Beam

4W LED Wall Beam

0.6W LED Wall Light

2W LED up & down light

Solar LED Underground Light

Solar LED Ground Light

Solar LED Underground Light

Solar LED Underground Light

Solar LED Mini Ground Light

LED Ceiling panel light 6W 5"

LED panel light 12W 7"

LED panel light 18W 9"

LED panel light 18W 9.5"

Solar LED Glass Brick

LED Floor Light

LED's enlighten your world!

With the introduction and industrialisation of LED Lights & LED Lighting the world of lighting has changed. No other new light source had such an big impact as the LED (Light Emmiting Diode).
Less energy consumption, lower emissions and longer life time make LED the right choice for the future.
Everybody is talking about LED and LED lighting. With LED technology smaller sized luminaries and impressive effects are now possible.

LED lights are best choice for most Outdoor lighting applications:
Create atmosphere with LED Deck lights and LED Patio Lights, enhance driveways energy efficient with Solar LED Bricks or LED underground Lights, draw attention to garden designs with LED garden lights or LED Bollard Posts. Create star glittering sceneries with flashing LED lights or flashing Solar LED lights

For the home lighting, or indoor lighting sector LED Bulbs have made huge steps to replace the old incandescent lamps, LED tubes offer a true energy efficient alternative to fluorescent lamps. Longer life, flicker free light and lower energy consumption offer fast pay back periods like never before!
Build a "stairway to heaven" effect with recessed LED stair lights, under cabinet lights, use LED wall lamps highlight the architecture of the house, LED desk and table lamps round up our portfolio.

But with this new LED Technology also new challenges arise for customer, lighting planners and dealers.
For example: Watts are suddenly not the same any more!?
Before the customer had used a 60W bulb, or a 36W flourescent tube or a 150W HID lamp. Now we have to familiarize ourselfs with expressions like lumens, lumens per watt or lux.
An LED bulb with only 6W should have the same light as the 60W incandescent lamp before? How would we know?
The answer comes in these now needed terms. A traditional 60W incandescent bulb produces about 700-800 lumens, which results in an effeciency of roundabout 12 lumens/watt (LPW). LED is much more efficient in the generation of light. Modern LED bulbs for example (Aug 2011) have about 80-100 lumens per watt. Now do the math. 800 lumen required with 100LPW => with LED you only need about 8W, which is only about 13% energy for the same light!

New exciting times have started and we are right in the middle of them
"LED" our site inspire you for new ideas. Find interesting articles about LED and LED lighting in our Blog Section and we encourage you to post pictures of your applications or projects.

LED and LED lighting is all about creativity, so LED's enlighten your world!