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Sticky Pad for Learning
Numbers & Maths 65mm - Details

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Sticky Pad for Learning
Numbers & Maths 65mm


Product Description: Sticky Pad for Learning
Numbers & Maths 65mm

Sticky pad as mixed set of 46 different BIG numbers and mathematical symbols in a fun color mix.
The perfect learning toy for counting and calculating with fun.
Also perfect for advertising or in your shop
No glue or magnets - They hold on every smooth surface - easy to remove without stains.
Odorless and child safe (FDA approved).
If not sticky any more just wash them with warm water, let dry and use again and again and again....

Product Code: NM4665

Product Size: 46 pcs per set; character height 65mm

Available Colors: Mixed set in Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Pink

Material: Polysiloxane (Silicone)

Min Order: 200 sets

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