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0.5W LED Wall Beam - Details

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0.5W LED Wall Beam


Product Description: 0.5W LED Wall Beam

Create truly amazing lighting effects with the LDW-401/402 LED Wall Beam lights.

Whilst the LDW-401 produces a single light Beam, the LDW-402 offers a double light Beam to enhance the lighting effect.
With only 40mm in diameter these LED wall Beam lights are small enough to fit in smallest spaces like stair walls, yet strong enough to be seen.

Made from a durable PC body they offer low heat, long life and operated with low voltage (12V) they are also maintenance free.

To maximize the creative lighting effect we recommend a configuration with 10 LDW-401 or LDW-402 LED Beam Lights plus a matching 5W/12V LED driver.

Product Code: LDW-401; LDW-402

Product Size: Dia 40mm * 10mm

Material: Durable PC body

Operating Voltage: 12V

Power / Lumens: LDW-401: 0.3W; LDW-402: 0.5W

IP rating: IP44

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