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4W LED Wall Beam - Details

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4W LED Wall Beam


Product Description: 4W LED Wall Beam

Creative lighting with strong double up-down LED light beams will create a truly eye catching lighting effect on your walls.

Two strong double LED light Beams from a solid brushed aluminum housing make your walls look different.

Operating with normal mains voltage (100V-240Vac) there is no need for any special transformer or LED converter.
Optical lenses provide a beam angle of 10° for an even better and smoother lighting effect.

With its innovative LED technology, the LDW-304 LED Wall Beam lights have an extremely long life, low power consumption and are maintenance free.

Product Code: LDW-304

Product Size: 95mm*130mm*30mm

Material: Brushed Aluminum

Operating Voltage: 100-240Vac

Power / Lumens: 4W

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