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Solar LED Glass Brick - Details

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Solar LED Glass Brick


Product Description: Solar LED Glass Brick

Solar LED Glass Brick provide a great option to create spectacular effects for your outdoor area. Create great looking LED lighting design in your garden as pathway lights or your drive way.
Bring some color to your back yard without any electrical power - just use the power of the sun.

No cabling, no wiring, no electrical power needed. The built in battery stores the energy of the sun during the day to automatically light up your outdoor space during the night.

No maintenance required, build with durable glass for outdoor use with high reliable electronic components.

Choose between different colors

Operating Mode: Single color constant light

Operating time constant light mode:
Over 30 hours (after fully charged with sun light)

Life time: Over 3 years (fitted with Ni-Mh battery)

Product Code: ZH-BL01

Product Size: 100 * 100 * 50mm

Available Colors: Red/Yellow/Blue/Green/White

Material: Glass

Power / Lumens: 4 LED, Solar Panel 0.4W, Battery Ni-Mh 1200mA

IP rating: IP 67

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