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Sticky Pad | MagiPad

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Sticky Pad - MagiPad - clever? Sticky Pad and the future in learning toys or office -now that is clever!
No longer just a sticky pad to hold coins, glasses, phone, PDA,GPS in your car or boat without glue or magnets. Now we have Letters, numbers, puzzles, shapes & pads for learning with fun, advertising and more.
Use them at Home, Office, School, Car, Boat...
Removable without stains, Reusable, Washable, Safe (FDA & CE approved)

Sticky Pad for Learning
Read-Write-Spell 65mm

A sticky pad that helps to learn how to read, writ

Code LM4065

Product Size 40 pcs per set; character height 65mm

Sticky Dashboard Pad
MagiPad dotted

The sticky dashboard Pad with the touch of design

Code MG1002

Product Size 120mm x 80mm

Sticky Dashboard Pad
MagiPad Classic

Not just another sticky pad for your dashboard - o

Code MG1005

Product Size 120mm x 100mm

Sticky Pad for Learning
Numbers & Maths 65mm

Sticky pad as mixed set of 46 different BIG number

Code NM4665

Product Size 46 pcs per set; character height 65mm

Sticky Pad set round
MagiPad Minis

This set with 12 round sticky pads is another clev

Code SR1219

Product Size 12 pcs per set; diameter = 19mm

Sticky Pad set small
MagiPad Minis

No more sticky tape or magnets with the smart squa

Code SSQ832

Product Size 8 pcs per set; 32mm x 32mm

Sticky Pad in fun shapes
MagiPad shapes

Sticky pad in a different shape. The MagiPad Shape

Code SMX960

Product Size 9 pcs per set; 60mm

Sticky pad games
Tangrams Puzzles

Get creative with our sticky pad Tangram Puzzles!<

Code CP200

Product Size 7 pcs per set; 200mm x 200mm

Sticky Pad - MagiPad Set
Stick and Hold

The clever sticky pad solution - MagiPad sticky pa

Code MPS-21

Product Size 120*100mm, 32*32mm, 19mm

Ultra Thin Mouse Pad
Super Thin - Ultra Grip

This Ultra Thin Mouse Pad with super grip is only

Code MS-215

Product Size 177*215mm