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LED Knowledge

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This section should be used as a portal for information and knowledge
about LED Lights & LED Lighting.
Here you can find interesting facts and figures about lighting.
Lighting knowledge as well as lighting application tips and tricks, news from the market, useful links for LED Lights & LED lighting

With the introduction of LED technology a new era in the lighting industry has begun. As with all new things many questions arise.
What are LED and how do they work? What benefits do LEDs have in the lighting application? Why can LED lighting help to save energy? What is CRI? Which LED is the right one for my application?

In the sections below we will answer these questions and help you to make the right choice for your LED lighting project.

The world of LED lighting is very dynamic and fast changing, given answers will raise new questions, new products are introduced and much more.
Make sure you come back often and look for our regular updates.

For your convinience we collected links to some of the famous LED companies in the world for more LED Knowledge:

Since 1906 the name OSRAM stands for Lights and Lighting. Osram Opto Semiconductors, the LED division of OSRAM has created a Website on which you find a lot of information and knowledge about LED, LED lighting and LED technology.

The network for LED lighting technology is a site powered by Osram. This site provides links and contact information about manufacturers for the individual parts of LED lighting and luminaires. You can also find some application examples and technical information.

CREE is one of the pioneer companies for Light emitting diodes technology. Known for being at the forefront of LED technology CREE was in the news 2010 for introducing an LED with a record-setting light output of 208lm/W. This was nearly 14 times more light than incandescent lamps.

Lighting the LED revolution - a place for innovators, pioneers and dreamers. Creative lighting is all about ideas and this site is a place where these ideas are shared. Examples of interior lighting, outdoor lighting and much more.

Philips Lumileds Lighting Company is one of the world's leading manufacturer of high-power LEDs. This sub division of PHILIPS began as the optoelectronics division in Hewlett-Packard (HP) almost 40 years ago. The site provides mainly knowledge and LED technology and LED components for a better understanding of LED lighting

Color Kinetics shows LED lights in action. See some amazing showcases of creative ambient lighting with LED. Home lighting, outdoor lighting, Museum and exhibits, high end residential and much more. See the fascinating world of LED lighting.